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This [ | Fossil] repository holds a snapshot of
the [ | PostgreSQL] source code taken from the
Git repository at git:// on 2014-05-17.

The purpose of this snapshot is to demonstrate the superiority of a
relational database (used by Fossil) over a key-value database (used by Git)
by providing a platform on which to show how simple SQL queries can extract
useful information from a large source repository that would be difficult to
obtain without a high-level query language such as SQL.

Some interesting links:

  *  [/reports?view=byuser | Check-in counts by user]
  *  [/timeline?a=1970-01-01&n=10 | The first 10 check-ins]
  *  [/timeline?c=2000-05-29&nd | What was PG doing when SQLite was first started?]
  *  [/finfo?name=src/backend/commands/prepare.c | History of the src/backend/commands/prepare.c source file]
  *  [/stat | Repository statistics]

This is not an official repository and is unsupported.

This repository was
created as supplemental information for the keynote talk at
[ | PGcon 2014] and is ephemeral.
Clone this repository if you want to keep it because it will probably
be deleted after a few months.  Or recreate your own repository of
PostgreSQL from the Git repository using the following command:

git fast-export --all | fossil import pg.fossil

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