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Long Term Support

The intent of the developers is to support SQLite through the year 2050.

At this writing, 2050 is still 34 years in the future. Nobody knows what will happen in that time, and we cannot absolutely promise that SQLite will be viable or useful that far out. But we can promise this: we plan as if we will be supporting SQLite until 2050. That long-term outlook affects our decisions in important ways.

In addition to "supporting" SQLite through the year 2050, the developers also promise to keep the SQLite C-language API and on-disk format fully backwards compatible. This means that application written to use SQLite today should be able to link against and use future versions of SQLite released decades in the future.

Our goal is to make the content you store in SQLite today as easily accessible to your grandchildren as it is to you.

Update on 2018-05-31: Our goal of supporting SQLite long-term have apparently come to the notice of the preservationist at the US Library Of Congress who have identified SQLite as a recommended storage format for the preservation of digital content.

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