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50 events by user gunter_hick occurring around 2020-08-06 08:12:38.

07:09 Reply: HEX function returns empty string on null input, normal? artifact: 4441e45f28 user: gunter_hick
07:53 Reply: request on 5 tables artifact: d82f32df7c user: gunter_hick
16:19 Reply: Counting with datetime artifact: 671e3ccdce user: gunter_hick
16:18 Reply: Counting with datetime artifact: f4a06e17de user: gunter_hick
16:12 Reply: request on 5 tables artifact: b2d7ef5ae3 user: gunter_hick
06:15 Reply: request on 5 tables artifact: 7fc743cf1c user: gunter_hick
05:45 Reply: It doesn't call xCommit if xBegin is not defined artifact: 61036e5203 user: gunter_hick
15:28 Reply: request on 5 tables artifact: 5c1d0dae42 user: gunter_hick
14:26 Reply: request on 5 tables artifact: 8723f86eae user: gunter_hick
11:25 Reply: Placeholder for table name when inserting data? artifact: 17236a9742 user: gunter_hick
08:53 Reply: Changes to support concurrent writes to wal database distributed over network FS artifact: 5ec275757b user: gunter_hick
14:53 Edit reply: Help speeding up this query artifact: 1dea3e3c8b user: gunter_hick
14:43 Reply: Help speeding up this query artifact: 1062e87ed4 user: gunter_hick
11:07 Reply: Exclusive write-only lock? (Allow only one process read-write, and multiple read-only) artifact: 1971358f2b user: gunter_hick
06:08 Reply: Switching data between two columns artifact: 2ab1e50d78 user: gunter_hick
13:48 Reply: Problem using strftime with .parameter set in CLI artifact: 915a0299f2 user: gunter_hick
07:49 Reply: Switching data between two columns artifact: d4623bb40c user: gunter_hick
15:26 Reply: Virtual tables query closes cursor too early when no rows returned artifact: 8cbfdb10bd user: gunter_hick
13:35 Reply: Failing tests with -DSQLITE_MAX_MMAP_SIZE=8589934592 artifact: fd93ebb775 user: gunter_hick
10:15 Reply: Time difference between two records artifact: d42efca1fb user: gunter_hick
10:21 Reply: Can you export multiple tables into ONE excel file on ONE tab? artifact: 07ec932508 user: gunter_hick
16:09 Reply: Select by column id artifact: f43a12a388 user: gunter_hick
15:57 Reply: How can I split a name column into first and last names? artifact: da1c2d9acc user: gunter_hick
12:34 Reply: Invalid group by usage? artifact: 0de9ed536f user: gunter_hick
08:12 Reply: Invalid group by usage? artifact: f4e18b0f20 user: gunter_hick
07:57 Reply: Query Optimizer Changes Meaning of Query artifact: ce1c11503c user: gunter_hick
07:34 Reply: Invalid group by usage? artifact: 4387d14e5c user: gunter_hick
07:22 Reply: Cannot parse `IS TRUE` when connecting with Python library artifact: e628a16375 user: gunter_hick
15:02 Edit reply: Capitalize first letters only artifact: 584deab6a9 user: gunter_hick
15:01 Reply: Capitalize first letters only artifact: 29b2ecd30a user: gunter_hick
05:49 Reply: Operator behavior change artifact: 6ecff21662 user: gunter_hick
06:03 Reply: Usage of suboptimum index artifact: 9cc4a0057b user: gunter_hick
05:51 Reply: Usage of suboptimum index artifact: b45090834c user: gunter_hick
10:15 Reply: How to get sqlite3.o 32bit artifact: 1933e9d41b user: gunter_hick
06:10 Reply: Internal schema cache not refreshed after DROP TABLE in different connection artifact: 35859a30f7 user: gunter_hick
11:11 Reply: Internal schema cache not refreshed after DROP TABLE in different connection artifact: 152bd37ce2 user: gunter_hick
13:49 Reply: Freeing memory used in sqlite£-result_blob artifact: 54ef1b1209 user: gunter_hick
13:34 Reply: Freeing memory used in sqlite£-result_blob artifact: 627d328658 user: gunter_hick
06:09 Reply: facing issue from sqlite3_step() artifact: 2413c2d7fc user: gunter_hick
14:14 Reply: how to check update statement really modify a record artifact: 8e23cd7351 user: gunter_hick
09:51 Reply: Setting non-binary columns to null in a table with a binary column populated with data creates free space and a larger file artifact: 8471198f0d user: gunter_hick
08:28 Reply: Endianness help artifact: b942f4bcf9 user: gunter_hick
07:21 Reply: Endianness help artifact: 5c54cebcdb user: gunter_hick
13:11 Reply: Does in memory db behave the same as a normal db artifact: eea43bcee3 user: gunter_hick
06:58 Reply: pointer to memory as index? artifact: 5689e7a160 user: gunter_hick
10:07 Reply: How to Extension SQLite to support Stored Procedure? artifact: 16a265cd0c user: gunter_hick
06:55 Reply: Native math function support for SQLite artifact: 75af95cc67 user: gunter_hick
11:35 Reply: Non primary key alias to rowid artifact: d0935296b7 user: gunter_hick
06:44 Reply: SELECT * Column Sequence / Order (not ORDER BY) artifact: 9bb0773815 user: gunter_hick
06:17 Reply: Is there a way to wait until the database is available? artifact: 352b350748 user: gunter_hick