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17:44 Reply: SQLite database in space? (artifact: e237c4a822 user: numist)

I first learned about that iPad via a bug report in 2019—there was an intermittently reproducible issue with resuming software update downloads after a network interruption, especially ones like the ISS's uplink handoff between satellites during its orbit.

16:04 Reply: Anyone know how to compile RTree and Geopoly as shared libraries on macOS? (artifact: 7e52077835 user: numist)

For security reasons, the libsqlite3.dylib provided by macOS ships with extension loading disabled.

At a higher level, the concept of global extensions is incompatible with a world in which applications contain linkages written by different authors, each with their own opinions about how SQLite should work for them. We've even seen a couple libraries call sqlite3_config(SQLITE_CONFIG_SINGLETHREAD, 0), to the chagrin of everyone else in the process.

As for why a built in module isn't available on the system library, well… I'll get on that :)