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08:52 Reply: 3.25 math functions vs. extension-functions.c (artifact: c790b71799 user: MBS)

This is already resolved for 3.35.0. At least the copy I downloaded has only one signFunc function.

12:39 Reply: Tiny C99-ism in sqlite3.c breaks C89 build compatibility (artifact: f60ad81ab7 user: MBS)

Thanks for reporting. This should be a quick change for Richard.

17:07 Reply: Support of unicode operators like ≠? (artifact: 39ee4c4719 user: MBS)

I can type ≠ with option-= and ≤ with option-< here (German layout).

Since those unicode characters are newer than the original SQL standard, I just wondered whether those could supported.

08:42 Post: Support of unicode operators like ≠? (artifact: 1787a034fa user: MBS)


how about this little feature request to expand the parser to also understand the unicode characters below?

≠, not equal to, U+2260 = 8800 or composed with 61 + 824 ≤, less-than or equal to, U+2264 = 8804 ≥, greater-than or equal to, U+2265 = 8805

While you may not use those characters in source code directly, you could just check for the matching UTF-8 sequences in your parser.


05:40 Reply: Build for Apple Silicon (artifact: db2dbe4271 user: MBS)

We have to wait for the Mac with ARM CPU to arrive. But if you like to run benchmarks, build an iOS app now as I expect this to be similar in architecture.

07:04 Post: Build for Apple Silicon (artifact: c386581168 user: MBS)

I can report that we got SQLite built for Apple's new ARM MacOS architecture.

We'll have to wait for the test computer to arrive, before we can try it.