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09:45 Reply: Which version of SQLite supports VxWorks DKM mode ? (artifact: 585d7d8558 user: AndyL)

It may depend which version of vxWorks you are using. VxWorks 7 21.03 has sqlite "built in" as a 3rd party addon. The version given is It may have been available in earlier versions of vxWorks 7.

I am using sqlite with vxWorks 6.9 and the version I'm currently using is 3.22.0, but I think it has been working since about 3.8.0

If you don't use the built in library then I would just go for the latest version and if you have problems report them here.

15:11 Reply: Odd buffer overflow (artifact: f1238f525d user: AndyL)

Except the documentation you pointed to says...

When the application is linked with a debug version of the C run-time libraries, _msize resolves to _msize__dbg

So if the OP was linking to a debug version they would have got _msize_dbg