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09:31 Reply: storing number with 2 decimal place (artifact: eb238e6311 user: kbk4588)

tq for your help. I did that and when display it just show with 1 digit decimal. Exmple I store 200.00 and when recall it just show 200.0. I am using python3 to store data in sqlite3 database and list display using tkinter TTK. I cross check with sqlite db browser also show 200.0! appreciate you help.

09:21 Post: storing number with 2 decimal place in Sqlite3 with python3 (artifact: 59e544641d user: kbk4588)

My apology if I have not make my question clear. I am asking how to program in python to store number with 2 decimal places. I am using tkinter TTK to display the number. It would appear that tkinter would just accept the native data from the sqlite data with a single digit decimal to display. So my question is how to make it store in sqlite3 database with 2 decimal places. yes I understand using prinf command in sqlite3 or select command to format but not in python programming as in my example.

I am a newbie, am I doing something wrong or do I approach it wrongly?

Just want a simple solution. Thank you.