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Msys2 Windows 64 bit build issues

Msys2 Windows 64 bit build issues

(1) By JohnGa on 2021-03-24 20:59:30 [source]

Hello, QUESTION 1: I am trying to do a complete 64 bit build of sqlite on windows under msys2 and mingw64. When trying to build some of the executable that require tcl generated source code, I get errors like this. Basically, the mkccode.tcl is not able to read the files like sqlite3.c, etc which are included in the "*.in" files. The file is very much there. The path to the file in the tcl script is also correct at runtime. It is almost as if, TCL is not able to open the file under msys2.

tclsh8.6 /c/sqlite/tool/mkccode.tcl /c/sqlite/tool/sqlite3_analyzer.c.in >sqlite3_analyzer.c ": no such file or directory while executing "open $path rb" ("while" body line 7) invoked from within "while {1} { set line [gets $in] if {[eof $in]} break if {[regexp {^INCLUDE (.*)} $line all path]} { regsub {^$ROOTy} $path $ROOT path ..."

QUESTION 2: When building testfixture.exe, I get errors like this: sqlite/ext/misc/fileio.c:701:18: error: invalid use of undefined type 'struct DIRENT'

For msys2/mingw64 what are the correct configure flags? Should it use test_windirent.c? Does it need the windows SDK (if so how do I point msys2 to the windows sdk)?

Appreciate any pointers on this.