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SQLite SEE compatibility with existing CryptoAPI databases

SQLite SEE compatibility with existing CryptoAPI databases

(1) By anonymous on 2021-06-09 05:17:41 [link] [source]

I am looking into purchasing the SEE SQLite Encryption Extension to replace the legacy CryptoAPI for encrypted password protected databases.

I have a large amount of existing databases that I would potentially need to upgrade.

Is SEE sqlite3-see-cryptoapi.c compatible with existing databases that are password protected using the legacy CryptoAPI?

If so, is there any benefit to using this? Is it different/better than the legacy Password/CryptoAPI capabilities in SQLite pre-

If not, could the encryption/password be removed using a pre- build and then encrypted using SEE afterwards?

(2) By mistachkin on 2021-06-09 17:06:01 in reply to 1 [source]

I think the most reliable course of action would be to remove the legacy
encryption using an older version of System.Data.SQLite and then encrypt
using SEE.

(3) By anonymous on 2021-06-11 01:46:34 in reply to 2 [link] [source]


We will build a separate migrator exe using the build of System.Data.SQLite that can remove the old encryption.

Then the main application can be upgraded to use the latest build of System.Data.SQLite which will apply SEE-based encryption to the database.