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Serious Sqlite command line Problems after Windows 10 update
I am going to try to help you, provided that you are willing to help me do that.

Let's dispense with bug reporting forms and screen shots; those would be a distraction and/or impossible in this forum. However, I will reiterate the essential contents of a useful bug report: (1) Identifying the necessary preconditions to demonstrate the problem, such as operating system, possibly its version, the software alleged to have a "bug", its version(s), and any data files that will have to be used in the reproduction steps; (2) reproduction steps, with enough detail for a person unfamiliar with your system and its configuration to follow, elaborating what sequence of steps must be performed to make the alleged "bug" manifest itself; (3) an objective description, not a summary or conclusion, of what happens when the reproduction steps are taken that is alleged to be incorrect; and (4) Unless it would be obvious to a person trying to replicate the "bug", an objective description of the expected or desired behavior that differs from what happened that is supposedly incorrect.

You have begun to provide these elements, enough that some progress may be made although there is much missing information. What I ask you to do below will provide some of that missing information which will assist me and others to understand what has gone wrong.

Please start a CMD shell by entering on the keyboard <code>\<WindowsKey\>-R</code>, then typing <code>cmd.exe</code> in the combo-box labeled 'Open:', then left-clicking 'OK'.

In the window that appears, whose title bar should read 'C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\cmd.exe', type the following followed by \<EnterKey\> for each line:<code>
where sqlite3
where sqlite3.exe

Then, left-click the icon in the upper left corner of the window, left-click the 'Edit' menu item, left-click the 'Mark' submenu item, then do a left button drag with the pointer starting just above the 'where sqlite3' you entered and ending just below the response to your 'path' command. While the two commands and their responses are highlighted, left-click that icon again, left-click the 'Edit' submenu item, then left-click the 'Copy' submenu item.  These operations will be called "taking a screen scrape" later. They should result in the highlighted text being in the Windows clipboard.  Paste that into your response in this thread, (using control-V), perhaps with enough identification that others can know why you posted it.  This will show the location of what actually executes when you enter 'sqlite3' at a command-line shell prompt.

If the responses to 'where sqlite3' and 'where sqlite3.exe' differ, we will be exploring why because that would likely be part of your problem.

I presume that when you say 'at the command prompt' you mean in a window just like the one you get via the '\<WindowsKey\>R, cmd.exe' sequence. If that is not so, you need to explain what it is. (There is some doubt on this because cmd.exe has understood simple input redirection via '<' for 30+ years, whereas you seem to maybe be using a shell which does not. )

Depending upon the screen scrape you post, troubleshooting this will take different paths, so I will not try to elaborate them all here.