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What is the poll frequency of `sqlite3_busy_timeout`?
Thanks for the explanation,

In your example you are calling both:

1. sqlite3_busy_timeout(db, val)
2. sqlite3_busy_handler(db, cbFn, db)

But for each db connection, you can only use one of these? The second call will clear the first's behaviour?

So to summarise:

- `sqlite3_busy_timeout`
	- Will block app code, poll the db file until either (lock is achieved OR timeout expires)

- `sqlite3_busy_handler`
	- Completely application defined polling - SQLite itself will not sleep or poll.
		- Return true = SQLite will immediately try to get a lock.
		- Return false =  SQLite returns BUSY for the statement.
		- On sleep = SQLite is waiting for a return value.