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Which performance test tool should choose ?
Thanks for your reply.

1. it is stated that our devices provide platform capabilities. If CLI is used as a testing tool, there may be two problems. First, if it is only for a single scenario, the CLI is definitely okay. If it involves multiple scenarios, We need to write test cases ourselves. There will be problems with missing test scenarios, which will lead to large deviations in the final test results. Do you have a specific test database or test script? If we use the same test data as yours, the test results will be more fair and creditable. Secondly, the CLI is not convenient for large-scale automated testing. It may be a problem.

2. Can you provide some details about fine-grained test measures ? Where can I find or study ? In SQlite source code ? 

I really want to know precise data after modify compiler-time options. If we write some testcases and the test resuls is good, the situation is not creditable becasue we are not only referees but also athletes.