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Possible data race in os.unix.c:5805:unixTempFileDir

A user of the Go transpiled SQLite library [is reporting a data race](https://gitlab.com/cznic/sqlite/-/issues/77).

It seems that at [L5819 and L5819](https://github.com/sqlite/sqlite/blob/4e86aa86ea0ab657423f1a715c620c188c6ba879/src/os_unix.c#L5818) the unixTempFileDir function is performing a lazy initialization of the first two items in the [azDirs array](https://github.com/sqlite/sqlite/blob/4e86aa86ea0ab657423f1a715c620c188c6ba879/src/os_unix.c#L5806).

This initialization is not protected by a mutex. Meaning unixTempFileDir is not thread safe per se. I was not able to quickly find if calls to unixTempFileDir are synchronized somewhere else, up the call stack.

I'll probably for now attempt a quick fix by a local patch adding a mutex around the lazy initialization, but I'd like to ask if someone more competent can verify if it is - or is not a bug in the SQLite3 code base. If that's the case it would save me from chasing a bug on my side.

Thanks in advance for anyone's kind help.