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Method to temporarily disable Not Null constraint?
Option A: remove the constraints

Option B: make a table which is a copy of the entity table, but lacks the constraints.  Load your data into that.  Once the data is all there (which I think means there will be no NULLs left) copy that table to the real table using the <code>INSERT … SELECT</code> command which is optimized for speed.  Then <code>DELETE FROM</code> your temporary table.

Comment on your post:

> given that hundreds of tables are involved

This is always a red flag in a SQL database.  If two tables have the same definition, or your table names include numbers or dates, it's probably a sign that they should be the same table, with one extra column.  If you're right now at a stage where you are designing the schema, think hard about this because it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.