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Possible bug in group_concat() ?
Since the `group_concat()` function was converted to an aggregate window function, then it should inverse what was _actually_ accumulated. It looks like the new behavior does that. I'm not set up to build the amalgamation from source (if I need to build sqlite, I just build the amalgamation, because that's easy, and I'm lazy :) ).

Maintaining the state necessary to be aware of the lengths of each added separator naturally leads to inversing the Nth separator instead of just the first one. However, with the "off-by-1" problem fixed, if the separators are the same length, like in the query I used, it shouldn't matter really with regard to the old behavior versus the new, because the result will be truncated by the correct amount in either case.

I submit that, to the extent that the old behavior conflicts with the new, the old behavior is not acting correctly as a window function, in that it is not removing _exactly_ what was added.