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Setting TOP variable does not set tcl scripts correctly

Setting the TOP variable does not seem to ensure the top level directory is being set correctly for some (if not all) of the tcl scripts.

I do not speak tcl, so In order to build sqlite from source I had to modify a couple of tcl scripts and build from the main directory.  I commented out and hardcoded the 'topdir' variable at around line 12 in "sqlite\tool\mkshellc.tcl" tcl script and I also modified the "ext\fts5\tool\mkfts5c.tcl" tcl script by replacing "%dir%" in lines 7-22 with hardcoded paths for each file.

Clearly this is not ideal; however, I do not know enough tcl to fix the issue myself.  All I know is setting the TOP variable did not help!

I compiled by running nmake in the top directory and not specifying the TOP variable:
sqlite>nmake /f Makefile.msc