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Assistance with using SQLite in PAMGuard
> \[lots of PAMGuard-specific moans\] because database TowST could not be resolved. ...

> Does this shed any light on what my issue could be?

It sheds the same light as your previous post which appeared to show that "the database" of which you spoke was not well defined. That is why I advised: you need to specify what, specifically, you wrote/did/clicked etc. to designate an actual database file for the SQLite library to open and operate upon.

A problem we often see in this forum is this: A user specifies a filename for the database file but does not know where in their filesystem(s) that file actually resides. Then they get confused because their program's effect(s) upon "the database<sup>1</sup>" cannot be observed when they use another tool to examine "the database<sup>2</sup>", which happens because database<sup>1</sup> is a different byte sequence than database<sup>2</sup>.

Did you specify an <u>[absolute path](https://www.bing.com/search?q=absolute+paths)</u> as "the database"? If not, your problem is highly likely to be the same above-described one we see here often. Until I see an answer to this question, I will assume you are suffering that same problem. The solution is to specify an absolute path to PAMGuard for its database, then specify the same absolute path to whatever other tool you use to observe PAMGuard's output data.