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memory vs mmap
> But could you please elaborate on the comment about sharing a memory database across multiple processes using a ramdisk. A file on a ramdisk will have a particular name, and therefore it will be opened by that name, not :memory:.

Correct.  A database on a RAMDISK is no different from a database on any other filesystem.

 > And therefore the fastest way of accessing the ramdisk database is to use "pragma mmap", correct? All processes will point to that virtual memory address of that file on ramdisk which is already at a particular virtual address anyway.

This does not follow because it assumes that it is not a standard block filesystem which is usually not the case.  There is no difference between a file on a filesystem (given the same filesystem) where the backing block store is memory, spinning rust, network accessed remote blocks of some kind, or sheets of paper stored in the Library of Congress.

 > If mmap() and xFetch() are being used anyway, surely there is only marginal benefit in moving the database from hard disk to ramdisk? For a process that is expected to run for maybe 30 minutes, accessing a 1.6 GB database. Alongside other processes doing the same thing to the exact same database, read-only.

Using MMAP rather than normal file I/O saves the difference between the time it would take to copy the block from kernel space to user space less the time it takes for the kernel to set up the page mapping.  Reading the data from the underlying filesystem still takes however long it takes.

MMAP is not necessarily any faster than normal I/O.