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Quoting is hard
> When using Markdown, you simply copy/paste the piece you want to quote,
and precede the quoted text with a single ">". 

Yes, and in trying to quote your one paragraph, Richard, it took over a _minute_ of poking at my touchscrren because text is microscopic. And that was only **one** paragraph. Note that I had already quoted [elsewhere](https://sqlite.org/forum/forumpost/6e27041929?t=c), so I was not asking how, but rather saying that the forum as rendered in my browser (Firefox for Android) makes it almost impossible to quote someone else. Here's a screenshot for reference:


What makes it doubly hard is that there is no margin to the left of the textarea. Tapping precisely at the extreme edge of a touchscreen is harder than tapping elsewhere, making manually prefixing lines (as well as selecting the whole line) extremely fiddly.

My suggestions:

- Add some left/right margin to the textarea
- Scale the textarea down on mobile (I _think_ that should help)
- Have a dedicated "quote" function in addition to "reply" which will quote the message in full for easier editing