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Can Richard do some YouTube videos explaining transaction implementation?
> That's completely not what Stephen said - he hints at the idea that making extraneous effort to hard-document (Like books, video, etc.) soft code (stuff that may change daily) is a great waste

- My perspective is that it is what he said.

- Code comments and video both aim to do achieve the same goal: "put my understanding into your brain".

- So in general both comments and video are "time spent by one human to communicate to another".

- Because they are both in the same set, the same logic applies.

	- Comments are also a waste if the underlying code changes, the same as video based communication.

		- This is where my point comes from - Im saying if its worth commenting line by line, perhaps its also worth making a few hours of video based content to explain an overview of a feature.

> Really? You would consider it so? Well then, how many videos have you made and posted that serves as code-comments to your code?

- Comments are only used because they are text based and are the most efficient way of communicating.

- If editors had a standard way of attaching video, audio and images inline with code, I think they would be quite popular.

- I do not do "video as code comments" because it is more expensive with my current tools, but if I were to explain a code base to a newcomer, a face to face interaction explaining the system at a high level is often much more useful than starting with the lower level comments.

> Offering unfounded "reasons" why it should do be done in service of the community/code/greater good/support/etc. is just a tad, well, let's say "naughty".

- As above, I think the reasons are valid.