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DUMP issue with FTS5
The `.dump` shell command will NOT dump its contents, only the schema, indirectly.  I get this from `.dump`:

PRAGMA foreign_keys=OFF;
PRAGMA writable_schema=ON;
INSERT INTO sqlite_schema(type,name,tbl_name,rootpage,sql)VALUES('table','t','t',0,'CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE "t" using fts5(id,level,su,en)');
PRAGMA writable_schema=OFF;

The only work around is to create another real table (not even a temp one), and then `.dump` that table.

Could this somehow be 'fixed'?

I understand this is possibly not viewed as a bug, but from a practical point of view, it sucks!

I happened to have a single table and took notice of this issue immediately.

But, if it had been part of a multi-table database, I possibly wouldn't have noticed that table's contents are missing from the dump until some time later when I would have to restore the database from the incomplete dump.