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Serious Sqlite command line Problems after Windows 10 update
I think it is past time that you provide detailed reproduction steps. And it would help if you were to run cmd.exe interactively, with sqlite3.exe in the current directory, using typed commands to demonstrate the problem. If you can do it that way, it is remotely possible that somebody here can help. But if the problem is that some arcane manner of running the program does not act consistently, and nobody here can fathom what that manner is, there is no reason to reasonably hope for help from this forum's participants.

Keith's guess as to what might be going wrong, while reasonable, was a long-shot forced by lack of information as to what you (or your customer) do to induce the problem. However, by luck, your response, "it reported it cannot find the command prompt link", is a clue that your execution context is critical rather than what sqlite3.exe does once it is actually loaded and running. So, please set aside the vague, conclusory descriptions of the problem and say, specifically with detail, what must be done to induce it, what actually happens, and where not obvious, what you believe the correct behavior would have been that differs from what did happen.

You have not yet made a fool of yourself. But if you persist with writing out your notions of what might be wrong with vague, "did not work" style of reporting, you will mark yourself as someone who has never learned [How to Write a Good Bug Report](https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffhp&q=how+to+write+a+bug+report&atb=v232-1&ia=web) and refuses to do so.