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Cannot load a custom Virtual Table using PHP
In case someone else end up here... what I think I have figured out this far (Windows only):

In php.ini [sqlite3] section set sqlite3.extension_dir to EXACTLY what windows reports as the full path to the extension directory, eg, if extension_dir is set to "ext", ie. the default, then:

I then renamed the custom virtual table dll to it's init procedure name as SQLite can pick it up from the nname, for example:

PHP/SQLite will then try to load it and use "sqlite3_initprocname_init" as init procedure, however I now receive

Warning: SQLite3::loadExtension(): The specified procedure could not be found. in C:\DL\PHP\DocRoot\LPKQTests.php on line 42

But from the source I can see that it must have came up to the point of loading the custom extension dll...