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Writer Concurrency - server-process-edition
> Is there an optimal or recommend total number of connections limit for writer ? (incase add more connection will decrease the throughput, assuming that there are no page conflicts).

begin-concurrent basically serializes the "COMMIT" commands. So the answer depends on the ratio of time spent in COMMIT to the time spent in all the other statements of the transaction. That ratio could be quite low if transactions contain a lot of SELECT statements, or the thread does some other processing, or if there are read-cache misses that require access to the persistent storage. In those cases the answer might be fairly high - perhaps 16 or more. But if none of those things are true and the threads are just writing as fast as they can with no read-cache misses, I think it will be closer to 4 or thereabouts. But these are really just guesses.

> Will multi writer get more throughput compare to all transaction commit by one memory database in single thread mode with same schema and data (assuming no page conflicts)?

Don't really know, but probably.