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memory vs mmap
As has been written, there are many ways the mmap can be implemented. One model might be:

Allocate one page of physical memory to the mapped file object. Any time you access a different address in the mapped file object, it will write that page back to disk and load a new page from disk to physical memory.

Another might be:

Allocate one page of physical memory for each page of the mapped file object. Do not preload any data. As access is made to each page of the mapped file, a page fault is generated that will read the data from the file to physical memory.

These will both have radically different performance profiles. The first will be thrashing that one page repeatedly (assuming one is accessing random locations within the mapped file object). The other will "quickly" allocate memory, but it will slow down reading random pages from the file as one continues to access random locations.

Ultimately, a bespoke algorithm that knows a lot about how the data will be accessed will potentially be more efficient than one that must handle generic workflows.

We don't know exactly how mmap is implemented, and it has to work regardless of page visitation order.

In the case of creating a memory database, it will allocate enough space for all the pages of the database and never need to fault a page to load it from disk (except in the case of swapping, perhaps, if too much memory has been allocated).

In no way can you ever assume that accessing malloced pages is ever going to be exactly the same as mmap, as there is a lot more at play in creating memory map objects.