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Unexepected commit result with two threads application
The Check-in seems to work as expected (as a double check, I see version 3.33.0) 

After reading the ticket, I suspect that this issue is probably non-actual for those who does waiting the right way, so without draining the CPU by multiply calls to sqlite3_step, and by using Sqlite recommended features like busy handler. 

Although I noticed that for my long query that triggered this, the usual time was about 10 seconds and if the sqlite3_busy_timeout was above this, everything was ok, but if sqlite3_busy_timeout was 3 seconds, and I tried to repeat the step, the issue seemed to return. So my guess is the issue could affect ones who does the waiting the right way, but rely on small sleeping (either by Sqlite means or not), waking multiply times up to check or make the interface responsive.