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Best way to handle unique column needs
Your problem seems to be easily solved.

For your new tables, be sure to declare the unique integer value column as: " mumbleId INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, " with mumbleId chosen more intelligently.  This will be required to be unique as a consequence of being the primary key, and, per [this Rowid Tables](https://sqlite.org/rowidtable.html) documentation, will be an alias for the underlying rowid. (You may not care about this, but it improves efficiency somewhat.) Then, simply insert your values, specifying the mumbleId column values as the same unique numeric integer values from your old DB.  The autoincrement tracking will take care of tracking the highest value inserted so that, if ever an insert is done without specifying the mumbleId value, it can be generated. That would be the only circumstance where you would need to "fetch the last rowid after an insert."

If this does not work for some reason, or does not solve your issue, please show what goes wrong and be more specific about what shortcoming you perceive. (I had a difficult time understanding what problem you actually encountered.) It would help to show DDL and queries, together with results that seem awry.

One issue that was unclear in your post: We are discussing a primary key, right? And it is already referenced from other tables, I would expect. So you have an interest in preserving those linkages, right?