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Serious Sqlite command line Problems after Windows 10 update
I have the latest version of Windows 10, 20H2 from the "Semi-Annual Channel". (Version 10.0.19042.630) When running the last released sqlite3.exe image, (version 3.33.0), in a cmd.exe shell, Powershell, TakeCmd v26 shell, and in whatever console is the system default for console programs, I see no problem at all such as you describe. Input redirection works exactly as I expect also. To wit:<code>
  > sqlite3 < slblat.txt
  .help ?-all? ?PATTERN?   Show help text for PATTERN
  > type slblat.txt
  .once nul
  .help help
</code>in cmd.exe and TCC.exe shells, or<code>
  PS C:\\Tmp> type .\\slblat.txt | sqlite3
  .help ?-all? ?PATTERN?   Show help text for PATTERN
  PS C:\\Tmp>
</code>in a Powershell session.

I find your problem description somewhat mysterious and unhelpful. I do not know what "was rejected" means. And while I know what redirection does, (and can therefor infer what it "does work" means), I do not know what kind of not working you have seen. (The paths of righteousness are somewhat narrower than all the rest.)

My study of the sqlite3 shell code shows that it does console input and output in a highly regular way that I very much doubt would make it act differently (with respect to doing such I/O accurately) than many thousands of other console programs.

Hence, I think this problem of your is very specific to a few of your systems, and so will require more system-specific information to diagnose. I wonder if you and your customers have suffered a malware infection. I would be taking a look at running processes and where their images were loaded from.

Behavior differing before and after chkdsk.exe runs (or "chkdsk /F" I suppose) is a sign of problems more serious than a sqlite.exe issue.