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SQLite 3.33.0 beta-1
Item 3, in the documentation refers to <https://www.sqlite.org/draft/pragma.html#pragma_integrity_check>.  Because the features of that PRAGMA were introduced 'backwards', the documentation looks a little strange.  I came up with this, though there may be problems with that too.
<code>integrity_check(TABLENAME)</code> checks for errors only in the named table and indexes of that table.

<code>integrity_check</code> with no arguments does the same as iterating through all tables using <code>integrity_check(TABLENAME)</code> but also detects all the other errors listed above.

<code>integrity_check(N)</code> does the same as the option with no arguments, but stops checking once N errors have been found.  This allows a faster check if you are interested just in whether the database file does, or does not, have faults.

Can the function described in 7b please delete the dodgy <code>sqlite_stat1</code> table, unless the database has been opened with r/o permission ?

In addition can <code>ANALYZE</code> delete stat1, stat2, stat3 and stat4, before it starts compiling new tables ?  My logic is that if the programmer has specifically chosen to use <code>ANALYZE</code> they are explicitly stating that they don't care about any old data.