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Show duplicate rows sorted
Firstly, this would be the query that produces quicker results (as least for my test, considering I have no idea the size and quantity of columns, position of name in your Records table, or whether you also have an Index on name, etc.)

  FROM (SELECT name FROM Records GROUP BY name HAVING COUNT(*) > 1) AS D
  JOIN Records AS R ON R.name = D.name
 ORDER BY R.name COLLATE unicode

Secondly, the [COLLATE ordering term](https://sqlite.org/syntax/ordering-term.html) above is custom for me, but there are standard [loadable extensions](https://sqlite.org/loadext.html) for SQLite that's easy to obtain or compile yourself (if you are using an obscure OS/Processor) which will allow that ability with a typical COLLATE statement like the example above.

Best publicly available one I've used is the [nunicode](https://bitbucket.org/alekseyt/nunicode/src/master/) library, but there may be others. Google is your friend.

PS: I'm not sure if the collate is needed for the "GROUP BY name" also... I think the grouping works regardless, but may need testing.