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Connect to sample Database
First, to the best of my knowledge, that tutorial site has no official connection to "core" SQLite and this forum... any difficulties with the _tutorial_ are probably best addressed to that site.

Having said that, your problem is confusing a CMD command-line with an SQLite command-line (I've not looked at the tutorial, so I don't know if it's their fault for not making it clear enough `:-)`)

To address the "cannot get out of"... any SQL statements given to the SQLite shell needs to be terminated with a semi-colon. These commands can span multiple lines (hence the `   ...>` prompt), so you are being prompted to enter the rest of the command, together with the terminating semi-colon.

To get out, type `;` and press `ENTER` (you'll get an error message of some kind: ignore it) then type `.quit` (or just `.q`) and press `ENTER`. This will return you to the command-prompt.

(In passing, any command starting with a full-stop are "internal" commands to the SQLite shell, and are _not_ SQL statements. As such, they do _not_ need to be terminated with a semi-colon).

Your main problem is that `sqlite3 c:\sqlite\db\chinook.db` is a command-line command: start the SQLite shell _and_ open the database `c:\sqlite\db\chinook.db`. If you give this now (instead of just `sqlite3`) things should get one step further.

You _can_ use the SQLite shell's `.open` command to open a database after you've launched the shell, but you have to "fight" with backslashes (either doubling them, or using forward-slashes instead).