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Serious Sqlite command line Problems after Windows 10 update
Thank you for your reply.

Interestingly when I tried ticking the [x] Use Legacy console on the customers surface pro laptop it reported cannot find the command prompt link. in

It seems there is a desktop.ini in that folder which I think is to do with the fact the desktop icons are in fact in onedrive in the cloud.

But maybe you are on to something.

Unfortunately, this customer seems "jinxed" and often has problems no one else has but in this case I had the same problem and it worried me that when people get the latest updates which are only just been issued to some windows users;  everyone's system would fail too!  And  I thought maybe this would be important to your forum members to know about - I  assure you I will be very pleased if this is proved to be wrong and I have just made a fool of myself!!