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SQLite 3.34 binary not working on Ubuntu 20.04 (not found)
On my very recent version of Ubuntu 20, attempting to execute that 32-bit image from bash produces:<code>
  cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
</code>, which is clearly different from the "not found" in your thread title, and from the "No such file or directory" in your post #1, and from "Sorry, but no. The behaviour is the same." in your post #3.

If you want effective and efficient help here (or any other forum), you need to be accurate with your reports of the problem symptoms and context.

As for why the SQLite devs publish a 32-bit image, Ubuntu has only recently stopped offering 32-bit builds, as of the v20 release.

As for why "the system doesn't give a proper message saying that a 32 bit executable cannot be run on the current system.", you would have to ask in a Linux forum. In my opinion, the message I quoted above is a proper message indicating that the "binary file" does not have a format known to the loader. I think it would be beyond the call of duty, once that determination is made, for it to examine the file attempting to guess what it is and educate the user. After all, there is the wonderful 'file' program that knows how to do that. The loader's complaint is surely enough to trigger the error-instigator's question, "Well then, what is that binary file?". Maybe the loader's author's can be persuaded to add something like a tip referring to the 'file' program. (But that is not generally the *Nix way.)