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Odd buffer overflow
I'm trying to develop a new application using SQLite 3.32.2 on Windows. During startup, the code is creating a database with 7 tables and indexes. When one of those indexes is being created, I'm seeing a buffer overrun on some memory allocated by SQLite.

It's happening in a buffer allocated to build the "INSERT INTO 'main'.sqlite_master..." statement. Looking at the call stack, sqlite3Malloc() is being called to allocate 0x91 bytes, that gets rounded up to 0x98 bytes before malloc() is called, but then 0x99 bytes are written to that buffer (the 0x99'th byte is the NULL terminator). When the buffer is eventually freed, the memory manager is detecting the overrun.

I'm a bit stumped on how to correct this. I've probably done something wrong somewhere but I'm only creating tables and indexes so far. I have found that if I just shorten or lengthen the name of the index, the overrun doesn't occur. And it's only happening on one of the indexes.

Any ideas?