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What would be the recommended way to hold an array of ~600 double values?
> So invest $2...

Regarding file-size:<br>
Think that you create and save 6 WORD documents.<br>
Looking at your hard-disk now you find that each document size is ~1GB instead of ~20MB.<br>
Now you cannot attach them to email easily, and it is slower to copy them.<br>
So what is the point to talk about cost of storage?<br>
This is missing the point.

> CREATE TABLE PresetData(preset_id, order, value)

This is a good idea but keep in mind that in this case we hold extra integers per each real value.<br>
Where as in *binary array* BLOB we will hold *only* the values ({0.234; 0.8745; 23.646;, ...}), <br>
in this case per each real value, the database is holding extra two integers:
{(0, 0, 0.23423), (0, 1, 0.234234), (0, 2, 34.3443),...}