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SQL compliance on Wikipedia
I have a question: what is a "Positioned UPDATE statement" ?  An example of one isn't sufficient.  To know whether SQL has full support for that feature I need to know all the required syntaxes and variations.  Without that I can only ever mark 'No' or "Partial', but never 'Yes'.

The standards referred to in that page were defined in SQL:2008.  (As far as I can tell.  The web page does not explain what it's talking about, which not good.)

The documentation for the current version of that standard is not freely available but may be purchased from the ISO as ISO/IEC 9075(1-4,9-11,13,14):2016.  I can't be bothered to go through all the volumes right now but the volumes I checked are all around the US$200 mark, so ten parts would cost around US$2,000.  And they're already scheduled for being replaced by the 2019 version of the language.  I don't want to spend that much money on almost obsolete documentation just to add to a Wikipedia page.

This may be why so many of the cells for other databases read 'Unknown'.  Measure against a standard which we can obtain for free and twenty eager contributors to this forum will happily supply the information.  Measure against one which nobody can read without paying two thousand Swiss Francs, and you're not going to get many takers.