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What would be the recommended way to hold an array of ~600 double values?
> each document size is ~1GB instead of ~20MB.

Where's that 50x multiplier coming from? We've already established that the worst case difference here is 4x, and that only in the case where all values are single-digit integers.

> what is the point to talk about cost of storage?

If you spend $1000 in developer time to save $50 in storage, you've wasted someone's money.

(Which is why this is probably my last message in this thread: time to move on to something more productive.)

> the database is holding extra two integers

Yes, two 64-bit ints and a 64-bit float per datum = 24 bytes, vs. strings like "1.2345," 8 ASCII characters for 4-decimal digit precision, giving a 3:1 size difference in this case, while running faster because it isn't doing all this ASCII string manipulation.