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How to find out whether a table is STRICT?
Unfortunately you have to modify the SQLite3 source code to add/change pragma's.  It is very easy to do, but I do not think there is a way to dynamically add in pragma extensions.

I modified table_[x]info to add aff, coll, rowid, autoinc and the cid=-1 internal rowid column (affinity, collation, whether a rowid or not, and if a rowid, whether autoincrement is in effect).

I added database_info(schema, type, name), trigger_list(seq, name, tr_tm, op).

table_list shows schema, type, name, ncols, ro, eph, rid, pk, ai, named, strict, shad for each table.  (respectively the schema/name/type (table, etable, vtable, view), number of columns, whether read only, whether ephemeral, whether has a rowid, whether has a primary key, whether the rowid uses autoincrement, whether the rowid is "named", whether the table is strict, and whether it is a shadow table or not.

Patches to mkpragmatab.tcl.patch and pragma.c.patch are on <http://www.dessus.com/files/mkpragmatab.tcl.patch> and <http://www.dessus.com/files/pragma.c.patch> respectively.

I believe the patches are up-to-date.  I regenerate them from time to time as the SQLite3 code changes.