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3 incorrect tables created during import
You make the assumption that the syntax of the .import command is

.import <filename> [<schema>.]<table>

this is not the case.  The syntax is:

.import <filename> <table>

You mistakenly assume that the token **temp.files** means the table **files** in the schema **temp**.  This is not the case nor is it the documentation of the .import command.  It means the **temp.files** table in the schema **main** if no table by that name exists in any other attached schema.

If you (a) have no table named **files** in any schema other than the **temp** schema; and, (b) use the command `.import import.csv files` then you will achieve the result for which you appear to be searching.

The CLI is primarily intended as a debugging aid to permit common operations to be carried out in a standard way in order to permit debugging of reported errors in the SQLite3 database by providing a **standard and correct** common implementation of the interface between the user and the database engine.  If the "problem" cannot be reproduced with the CLI that generally indicates that the problem exists in the end-user application and not the SQLite3 database engine.  

As such, it **IS NOT** a full featured **application** designed for general programming use and does not support the ever expanding feature set that such an application would entail, although it may often be used to provide **simple snippets of functionality** that are within its capability.