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Generating documentation
I don't understand the directions for how to generate the documentation.  

Whether I use fossil, or pull the [snapshot](https://www.sqlite.org/2020/sqlite-src-3310100.zip), my procedure is to create a build directory, cd to it, and run `../configure && make`.  In neither case do I get a  `docs` directory, as indicated on the [documentation source](https://www2.sqlite.org/cgi/docsrc/dir) page.  

The instructions say, 

> Download and unpack the source trees for SQLite

Does that mean I cannot use the fossil repo?  (I guess so, since the documentation system is in its own repository, which afaict cannot be cloned.)  

> The SQLite install should be in ../sqlite

Is that literally true?  The parent of the build directory must be "sqlite"?  Or the prefix must be "../sqlite"?  

> Edit **the** Makefile for your system 

[Emphasis mine.]  The Makefile means the one generated by configure?  If so, I see no reference to TCLINC and TCLFLAGS, nor to a `docs` directory in configure.ac or Makefile.in. 

Finally, step b. at the end says, 

> Set TH3= and SLT= to empty strings

Those variables also do not appear anywhere that I see.  

BTW, the comments in Makefile.in say *See the comment at the beginning of configure.in for additional information*.  I think that should be *configure.ac* these days.  

Many thanks.