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Administrator SQLite
The caption is set by Windows shell-execute, so it depends **how** you are "running sqlite3.exe as Administrator".

When you directly "run" the executable, the Window title is set to the name of the executable (`start sqlite3.exe` or poke it directly with a mouse pointer in explorer).

If you "run" the executable from a link (shortcut) whether through cmd.exe or directly, the Window title is set to the shortcut title.

If you "run": the executable through the command prompt (cmd.exe) **after** it has initialized to an interactive prompt (though if it has not initialized to an interactive prompt, see above), the bare executable name (without the path) is appended to the existing Window Title set by the shell (which is prefaced with  "Administrator:" if and only if cmd.exe holds either pseudo or real Administrator permissions.  (The actual window title is either the full executable name or the shortcut name, depending on what you used to start the interactive command prompt).

That is, to be more exact, the "Administrator:" prefix is a function of the initialized cmd.exe process.  When you use the .system command in the SQLite CLI it executes the command tail given using the system shell, which then sets the Window title according to the initialized shell command semantics.

Note that the title set is thereafter an attribute of the Console window and is not related to the termination or subsequent starting of other executables (it is not a stack).

Note that you could also put the `.system title SQLite3` in the .sqliterc file so that it is executed everytime the executable is started.