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lemon - optional namespace support
I'm not offended.

Here are some thoughts:

  1.  You have not successfully argued that the benefits of adding namespaces
      to Lemon outweigh the costs.

  2.  The extra maintenance load on Lemon for adding namespaces, while not
      significant, is also non-zero. Long-term maintenance is a cost.
      We need to understand that this benefits outweigh this cost.

  3.  Others have argued that namespaces are not really needed, as the
      identifiers generated by Lemon can be isolated by other means.
      (I forget the details of how that was suppose to be done, but I seem
      to recall reading it someplace.)  This tends to reduce the benefit
      side of the inequality.

  4.  The people (mostly me) who will need to maintain Lemon namespaces
      for the [next 30 years][1] do not derive any direct benefit from
      namespaces, and it fact do not understand how they might be useful.
      I tend to be unimpressed with "new and shiny" and like to see an
      actual real-world problem that the feature genuinely solves before
      adding it.

[1]: https://www.sqlite.org/lts.html

If you would like to see namespaces in Lemon, you will need to convince me
that the cost and bother of supporting a feature that I do not use, for 30
years, is less than the societal benefit of installing that feature.  In
other words, you need to convince me that namespace support in Lemon is a
net positive over a 30-year timespan.  That has not yet been accomplished.