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trying to select one column from one table
> perhaps there's some problem with how it was imported?

Look very closely at your column definitions:

sqlite> create table foo( "Date"",""Region"",""New_Tests"",""Total_Tests"",""Positivity"",""Turn_Around" );
sqlite> .schema foo
CREATE TABLE foo( "Date"",""Region"",""New_Tests"",""Total_Tests"",""Positivity"",""Turn_Around" );
sqlite> insert into foo values(1);
sqlite> .head on
sqlite> select * from foo;

You've created a table with a *single* column with a really unusual name.

Use a SINGLE pair of DOUBLE quotes around each column name:

create table lab( "Date", "Region", ... )

for simple names, like the ones you have, no quotes are required (they are required when the column contains spaces or other odd characters).