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Confused about sqlite3_step / sqlite_reset / sqlite3_bind_xxx APIs
>Do you expect the doc to state exactly what error code will be returned?

I do need to know exactly what 3rdpary library calls might return or not to specify and test the correct nominal/error/exception logic in my software.

However, I don't need the documentation to be so pedantic, I'm aware I can just read the code, or ask questions here.

>To me, the doc seems clear enough, *even though "appropriate error code" leaves some ambiguity*.

This makes perfect sense for the legacy (pre-v2) interface (sqlite3_step() just says generic error and sqlite3_reset() / sqlite3_finalize() says exactly what).

For the updated interface, what I understand is that nothing actually changed for the sqlite3_reset() function, which is then now returning an error that has already been returned before. This is what I observe and what you seem to confirm, it's fine.

Sorry these questions are boring, but better be safe than sorry.

Thank you, I have no additional questions.