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Best tool to handle SQLite code?
That's essentially software-versioning, since you seem to use "SQL" as software code, SV fits exactly with that need.

There's of course the GIT world - best for large numbers of contributors, or my personal choice SVN - best for speed and ease of use for smaller groups (using SQLite as the data store btw), or if you like compactness and great for large projects with fewer contributors, then Fossil (which hosts the SQLite project itself).

These are all pretty simple both to set up and use with insanely large amounts of community users out there, so help is never far away. Probably some of the best maintained pieces of software on the planet by nature of having programmers as their main clientèle. You can setup any of these on a local server, or somewhere on a cloud machine etc.

Quite the no-brainer. Or was there a reason I'm missing why SV won't satisfy your needs?