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Serious Sqlite command line Problems after Windows 10 update
Thank you for your reply.

I am very grateful to those Forum members who have tried to suggest solutions and diagnostic tests to try and find the answer, and those who appreciated that if a windows update was making Sqlite unusable in some applications this would be very serious for not only all our customers who to go on trading rely on SQLITE but all Sqlite users.

But, as a company director whose job is to try and ensure his customers can carry on trading by using our application;  my main objective was to get the customer into a position where he can go on trading and then to try and sort out the problems with SQLITE on his Laptop while he uses the fail safe Laptop.

 By the use of our contingency planning and fail-safe "systems" this main objective has now been achieved!!!

 So we feel the best and simplest solution now is to do a complete reset of the Laptop re-loading windows and all the applications if this solves the problem we will not waste any more of your time or ours, but if not this would suggest the problem was likely to affect all  SQLITE users and we will provide you with a full and comprehensive bug report and carry out every test your forum members have kindly suggested and we thank them for.

But for the moment, I feel it is best this thread be closed.