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Pre-release Versions of System.Data.SQLite packages?
> > That is like asking about using a power drill versus an extension cord.
> (I can't see how power drills and extension cords are substitutes!)

They are not substitutes for each other.  Also, ODBC and SQLite are not substitutes, whether by themselves or wrapped in subclasses of System.Data.  Were you to decide to use (whatever.)ODBC, you would not be able to do CRUD until you selected an actual database manager/engine, configured ODBC to use it, and set the "connection string" accordingly.  Likewise, you cannot drill holes with just an extension cord; plugging a line-powered drill motor into it may get you there (with a drill bit.)

If you were to get one of the ODBC-SQLite adapters, you could use System.Data.Odbc to access a SQLite database, in the process losing some of SQLite's capability. As you suggest, that lost capability would be available via the SQLite CLI shell, provided the drawback of using a mish-mash of tools is accepted.