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SQLite diff tool doesn't work with CRLF new line characters
(Edited to reflect new sqldiff behavior no longer optional.)

The sqldiff utility, in its latest form (on the trunk branch as of https://sqlite.org/src/info/ff74c0cc4cefa527 ), has a new behavior for its normal output (which is SQL to bring named DB's to sameness.) It renders text field values that are to be updated or inserted in a form that should not suffer the ambiguity of non-graphical characters being treated in special ways that has (probably) led to or contributed to the OP's problem.

Now, these sqldiff invocations will show differing line-endings or other less visible control characters that make putatively identical databases not quite identical. For example, where line-endings are CRLF in one and LF in another, running<code>
   sqldiff test-copy.db test.db
   sqldiff test.db test-copy.db
</code>will visibly show the difference in those control character sequences.

BTW, I still recommend newline normalization for the OP's situation. The sqldiff change makes problems such as his easier to see and remedy, but newline normalization would side-step them altogether.