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cannot create tables in sqlitestudio than other apps can see
I downloaded SQLITESPEED and the databases and tables it shows are consistent with db browser for sqlite, and with sqlitestudio. The com-sqlite program gives me different results so I will not use it any more, as it is using a different table in ...appdata... although it says it is reading it fro "C:\\newff".

I have working Delphi programs using sqlite db files on my Win7 desktop. When I copy the db file to my Win10 laptop, it gives me the external exception error. When I copy the EXE file for my Delphi program to the laptop, it also fails with the exception error. When I copy the Delphi source code, the dpr, dproj, pas and dfm files and compile them on the laptop I get the same results.

When I copy a .db file created on the Laptop to my desktop and try a Delphi program to read it, I get the unable to read file error message. Something on the laptop is hopelessly screwed up, even though it had Windows 10 and Delphi reinstalled within the last week.

The obvious difference is Windows 7 sqlite programs work and Windows 10 fail.

One other difference - the DBXCONNECTIONS.INI file which Delphi uses  or data explorer has 2 items on my win7 pc:


and the laptop has a 3rd line:
hostname = steve-laptop

I can't see that being a problem but thought I would mention it.