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You don't know what people are using your database for
In SQLite, any comments which are inside of the list of fields in the CREATE TABLE statement (or any other CREATE statement, I think) will be saved with the database. (Comments after the semicolon will not be saved.)

But, yes, to avoid such problems, you should ask what the fields are used for, and ensure they are not used badly. The description here is a bad idea, I think. There should be a separate field for the passenger's mass; the title field should only be used for display and no other purposes (although not necessarily only direct; if the software needs to deal with gender pronouns, it can use it to display that too, although that might be unnecessary).

I do know how weight and balance calculations for aircraft work, since I have programmed such a thing before (although it didn't use a database; it was simply a data file with the parameters for the specific type of aircraft in use).